Over the last week, this campaign has been named in a last-minute legal attempt to remove us as an option on YOUR ballot in November.

As the people of Texas 12th Congressional District learn of our campaign and our poll numbers rise, the establishment in both major parties are getting scared and have resorted to attacking YOU, the voters, by denying you the freedom of choice.

Their plan right now is to take away your ability to even remove their crooks from the House of Representatives in November with your vote in an honest election.

The most recent poll shows our campaign on track to pass the Democrat Lisa Welch, whose numbers are on the decline as ours are on the rise! Granger still holds the lead, but she’s got her eye on us in the rearview mirror!

I do not need to tell you the nasty nature of career politicians and the lengths they will go to in order to maintain their grip on power.

Please join me in this fight to win back respectability in your Congressional representation by giving us one single 2-year term to replace Kay “The Bandit of Panther Island” Granger with solid, honest representation!

We have no intention of circling the wagons in this campaign, we are going right after the corrupt, millionaire career-politician who is sitting in YOUR congressional seat!