The National Debt

I will NEVER vote for a debt increase. 

With a national debt quickly approaching $27 Trillion, in reality, there is no such thing as federal government spending any more.  To spend money, you have to have money.  Our government has no money, only debt.  Therefore borrowing is all there is at this point, not spending. 

When your country is $27 Trillion in debt, the ability to repay that debt while anyone alive today would likely be impossible even if we stopped borrowing altogether and began using all of our government revenue to start paying the debt off. 

Banks don’t lend money without security of some kind, and the fact that we have a federal government that will raise and collect taxes on the income of our grandchildren, great-grandchildren and realistically, an unknown number of future generations, is the security on the loans our government is now taking out in the names of those unborn generations who we sell into tax slavery with every Trillion more we borrow.

“No taxation without representation” was the battle cry that birthed our nation. 

Who in congress today, voting to borrow another Trillion every so often, can claim to represent future Americans who won’t be born for another 50 to 75 years?   

Fellow Americans if that doesn’t amount to the worst form of taxation without representation, then our battle cry was completely in vain.