Law Enforcement Reforms – A 10 point plan:

Let’s talk about REAL policy solutions that address the issues that face our people and have brought about a state of nationwide protest.

#1 – End the so-called “War on Drugs”.

#2 – A strict review of police personnel files must be conducted at every police department and agency, local, state and federal, and officers who have repeat complaints (2 or more) concerning the use of excessive force must be immediately terminated. No exceptions. These individuals have shown themselves unqualified for police work and need to find other jobs. Included in these reviews should be interviews with fellow officers who worked directly with the terminated officers so their ideas regarding use of force can be heard and that the new standards are clearly explained.

#3 – All officers who receive any sanction for excessive force must be placed on a 2 week unpaid leave and with a 12 month probationary period to follow. These officers reinstatement to good standing will happen only with the understanding that any further such sanction will result in result in immediate dismissal from the profession.

#4 – These two policies must be tied to federal and state funding so that any department found to be in violation of these standards will be immediately ineligible for further state or federal funds until all of these standards are met to the satisfaction of a local citizens oversight council.

#5 – Police unions and professional organizations may no longer under any circumstances post bail for any member officer charged with a felony offense.

#6 – Police unions must be strictly forbidden to permit membership to any officer who has been terminated under the conditions listed in items #1 and #2 or any officer employed by a department that has lost funding according to #3.

#7 – Officers who are found to have witnessed to abuses of excessive force by fellow officers and failed to report those abuses will be terminated immediately and will forfeit their peace officers license for one year on the first offense and permanently on the second offense.

#8 – Finally and importantly, Qualified Immunity must be erased from our system of law forever. Accountability will never exist if we allow measures designed to thwart it.

#9 – Body cam requirements must be strengthened so that they are on at all times and in the event of any questionable incident, be turned over immediately to a 3rd party organization or citizens oversight committee for review of all footage. They must not be concealed by police departments for any length of time.

#10 – No-knock raids can no longer happen under any circumstances.

These are all things I pledge to fight for as your representative in Congress.