I will NEVER be a career Washington politician like Kay Granger.

It’s been a long time since the election of 1996 when Kay first came into office.

Our current representative, Kay Granger has become shameful by conforming to Washington politics and becoming a career politician, by becoming a millionaire while serving in congress, by using the influence of the office and the exploitation of the proud visions of her home city to transfer wealth from taxpayers to her own family, and by taking part in the disgusting and un-American practice of supporting taxation without representation.

I will Never hide from, or avoid the people that elected me.

I will NEVER use my position of influence to enrich myself or my family by promising “Visions” to my city that stands as rusted reminders of graft decades later.

I will not run for re-election as Kay Granger is doing for the 13th time. 

I have no interest in selling out to special interest lobbyists offering money and assistance in getting re-elected, or following the will of a political party whose motives are more geared toward winning elections or gaining more power over Americans than serving the people who elected them. 

One term is plenty. 

I have no desire to live in The Swamp any longer than is necessary to rock the big-government boat, bang partisan heads together, and set an example for what real representation should be. 

I have no doubt that two years in D.C. will make me miss my home here in Ft. Worth enough to come right back home and let someone else have their turn serving.

I’m asking for both your vote and support in the effort to bring representation to this District in which the people who live here can trust and be proud of again.