Early Voting…

Early voting starts tomorrow and we are expecting a record-breaking number of crossover votes supporting our campaign.

It would be nice if I could boast that it’s because I’m such a political dynamo or some kind of heroic person who knows how to solve all the country’s problems…But in reality, I’m really just a normal guy not much different than most of you who was ashamed enough of our representation that I had to do something about it.

The Republican and Democratic parties have both failed miserably to provide you with decent candidates. I’m certain I am far from perfect in many of your eyes, and some of you have told me as much, but I promise to you that:

I will vote against any bill that I feel will harm you.

I will never steal from you, vote for any bill that would rob you, or ever violate the public trust you give me with your vote to make myself or anyone else wealthy at your expense.

I will not ask you to vote to re-elect me as I will impose a 1 term limit on myself.

I will maintain the transparency that you deserve from your government as Americans and I will explain my yes and no votes on every bill.

I ask for your consideration for this one opportunity to go to D.C. and give you 2 years of representation you can be proud of.

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