The most divisive of issues…

The most divisive issues are the ones that we must approach with the greatest amount of love and understanding.

Hundreds of years from now, people will look back on the practice of human abortion in much the same way we look back on human slavery. Many of the arguments that support these institutions are the same.

To me, it is a disgusting and barbaric practice, but so is the killing or throwing into cages of women who were led to believe they had no other realistic choice. This modern holocaust will not be ended or even slowed with punitive measures. The solution to this abomination is a much more difficult one because it requires a level of love that most people aren’t willing to extend beyond the boundary of comfort and to those for whom they are unfamiliar. Technology is what will eventually expose this practice for what it has always been. When artificial wombs allow the termination of a pregnancy to transfer a developing human embryo to an artificial environment at 6 weeks instead of killing that individual, and these techniques become cost efficient, the debate may not be over, but it will change in nature.

I’m beyond pro-life. I’m a radical abolitionist, but the solutions I’d prefer involve radical love. The practice of human abortion can never be abolished by government force in a free society or in a society that has any semblance of being free.

We have to find ways to solve our problems with love, not force.

Good ideas don’t require force.

I’ll adopt right now.

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