Can you feel it?

Unless I start playing the lottery more often, I will never be a millionaire. I don’t seek fame or power. What I want is more precious than that. I want liberty and justice. For all.

These are the creed I was raised to love and I used to think we had them. The older and wiser I get the more I realize how much these ideals have slipped away from the American sand castle. Sold away by the bankers and politicians and lost by the people. I watch the faces of my brothers and sisters and see the pain and struggle of division and the desperation in the eyes of a people to whom the promises of America have been broken by a government controlled by two sides of the same political coin that controls nearly every aspect of our lives.

There is a great change taking place in this land. The political sands are shifting in a new direction and people are tired of the duopoly that has created all this hardship in a land where our natural and human resources are still unmatched by any.

I ask you to support Libertarian candidates up and down your entire ballot this November.

I urge you to research the principles of libertarianism. Learn about the philosophy of liberty. Get a full understanding of the ideas of self-ownership and resistance to government force. Embrace the Non-Aggression Principle. Choose to join a new effort to try something different than the same old non working ideas of corporatism and socialism. Let’s try a style of government based on voluntaryism and true entrepreneurship.

Plug in to your local Libertarian Party. If there’s not one near you, start one.

My name is Trey Holcomb and I not only approve this message, I’ll scream it lovingly from the mountaintops. Well, I would if there were any mountains around here.

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