What is a Patriot?

by Trey Holcomb

The Patriot is an individual who chooses to devote his own time, talents, energies, treasures, and livelihood to the cause of liberty for the people of his shared home and land.

The Patriot recognizes that his ability to choose such devotion is the gift of liberty, a sacred and precious gift from God.

The Patriot respects the liberty of his fellow man to choose his own path as well, even if it is one the patriot does not understand or agree with, as this is itself the very definition of liberty.

The Patriot is one to whom talk is cheap and words are only words, and so he sees actions and behaviors as the only measure of dedication.

The Patriot does not judge his fellow man by anything outside of that individual’s control, but rather reserves judgement for the conscious actions and behaviors of the individual.

The Patriot is loyal to his God or conscience first, his family and homestead second, and thirdly to his home land and the cause of liberty for the people with whom he shares it.

The Patriot’s loyalty belongs to his own home land first, always focusing primarily on his own locality, and only afterward extending his loyalty, in turn, to the larger political divisions with which he has chosen to identify himself as citizen.

The Patriot is loyal to the people of his land: the governed.  That loyalty is extended to his government, only for so long as that government remains within the limits dictated to it by the expressed conscience of those being governed.

The Patriot is unafraid of being critical, seditious, disruptive, and openly rebellious against his government should it fail to fulfill it’s purpose of protecting God given liberties.

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